Lutronic Genius + Lutronic LaseMD

What is TotalSkin Solution?

TotalSkin Solution is a combination treatment using two best-in-class devices, the Lutronic Genius, which delivers thermal energy deep into tissue for long-term skin remodeling and the Lutronic LaseMD, which rejuvenates the upper layers of the skin. Used together, they provide a unique anti-aging solution for immediate, long-term results.

By treating all layers of the skin in one treatment, the synergistic effect is addressing all the signs of aging that naturally occur.


How does TotalSkin Solution work and What can it do for me?

Lutronic Genius

Utilizing radiofrequency and laser energy, TotalSkin Solution delivers the precise amount of energy throughout the skin. The energy heats the skin, resulting in long-term remodeling and rejuvenation to address the signs of aging skin, including age spots, wrinkles, crepiness, and laxity.

Lutronic LaseMD

Before and After

Patients love TotalSkin Solution!

“I can’t say enough good things about the TotalSkin Solution! My skin had drastically improved after receiving LaseMD and Genius treatments on their own but the combination of the two treatments together is nothing short of amazing! My skin looks fresh and bright and my neck is noticeably tighter. I don’t even need to wear foundation anymore!”
– Patient J.R., Knoxville, TN

“I had a TotalSkin Solution treatment about six weeks ago. Within just one day of receiving the treatment, my complexion was soft and glowing and even my makeup went on more smoothly! I can honestly say my skin has never looked better!”
– Patient K.M., Manchester, NH